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[MerQ] Worlds End PvEvP - SinMod v1.0

Thank you for choosing MerQ Squad Gaming – Worlds End PvEvP. We work hard to try to ensure the best server quality we can offer. Our server runs SinMod v1.0 which can be downloaded below. Stop by our discord and meet the community -=MerQ Squad=-.

[MerQ] Worlds End PvEvP

Worlds End PvEvP Rules


  • Any form of Griefing is not allowed.
    • Destroying a whole base just because.
    • Spamming voice chat with annoyances.
    • Excessive profanity.
  • Do not build within 100 blocks from a Prefab or City/Town.
  • No racism, sexism, insults, politics, excessive cursing, griefing, spamming the chat, advertisement.
  • Don’t exploit bugs to gain extra items, experience, or to grief.
  • No advertising.

Worlds End PVE [SinMod]

We are an English speaking server:

Worlds End PvEvP is a fun, eventful and an all around great community!

  • Starter packs with a class system
  • Beginning area for new player to get started
  • Custom UI
  • Roopies are the in-game currency for our Server Economy
  • In game shop that items can be bought by using Roopies
  • Waypoints, Teleports and Player Commands
  • Custom Items in Game, Custom and Modded Weapons, Increased Stack Size
  • Actively customizing the game content
  • Active Admins and Modders
  • In-Game Events with Special Prizes and Roopies
  • Drop on Death – Toolbelt
  • Drop on Quit – Nothing
  • Zombie behaviour: Normal (day walk, night run)
  • Loot Abundance – 100
  • Loot Respawn Time – 3 days (In-game)
  • Land Claim Size – 51
  • Land Claim Duration – 14days (Real-Time)
  • Overall difficulty – 4
  • IP Address:
  • Port:26900
  • Mods SinMod

In-Game Player Commands

For a full list of commands please visit Botman Hosting

Reports the server rules.

View current ammount of Roopies you have.

View items you can buy with Roopies.

When you find the item you want from /shop.

/pay (player name) (#)
Pays Roopies to a player.

Check the current lotto pool.

/gamble (#)
Buys tickets towards Lottery drawings.

Lists players within 200 meters of yourself.

/friend (playername)
Adds named player to your friends list.

/unfriend (playername)
Removes named player to your friends list.

Gives info about where you are in the world and the rules that apply there.

Whatever is typed after /alert is recorded to the database and displayed on irc.
You can recall the alerts with the irc command view alerts

Players get 10 gimmes, Donors get 10 gimmes resets every 2 hours.

If you are inside the gimmehell arena type this command to get you waves of Zombies.

/setbase /sethome
Set a player’s first base for them where they are standing.

/setbase2 /sethome2
Set a player’s second base for them where they are standing.(Donors Only)

Teleport close to where you last died.

Teleport back to where you came from before your last teleport command. Locations support a 2nd return if you teleport within the location more than once without leaving it.

List the teleports. Players can only see public teleports.


Village Commands (Donor Only):

Villages work like protected bases except that they can have many players (villagers) and a mayor.
Just like a base, a village can have protection enabled. Villages work best when they are much larger than the area of the village so that an effective barrier against invading players exists.

/elect <player> village <village>
Elect a player as mayor of a village. Democratically of course 🙂

/add member <player> village <village>
Make a player a member of a village.

/remove member <player> village <village>
Remove a player from a village.

/remove village <village>
Delete a village and everything associated with it.

/village <village> size <metres>
Resize a village. Note that this removes village protection to prevent teleport loops.

/villages (or villagers)
List villages or villagers.

/add village <village name>
Create a new village.

/protect village <village name>
Set village protection and follow the prompt from the bot, just like setting base protection.

/unprotect village <village name>
Remove protection on a village.


Waypoint Commands (Donor Only):

Waypoints are player managed personal teleports.
You can specify how many waypoints indivuals or groups of players can have and apply other restrictions on their use.
Pairs of waypoints can be linked to create a portal. Portals differ in that the player steps into them to activate them.
Waypoints can be shared with a players friends and they can step into their portals as well. Portals can be unlinked which reverts them to waypoints.

/close waypoint (or wp)
Make the first waypoint private again. This is its default state.

/set waypoint (or wp or wp1)
Create or move your first waypoint where you are standing. It retains its current status.

/clear wp <name>
Delete a named waypoint. If they are linked, this also unlinks them.

/waypoint or /wp1 or /<your name>
Teleport to your first waypoint.

/waypoints <player name>
List the waypoints of a player.

/link wp <name of wp1> to <name of wp2>
Link your waypoints to create a portal instead. In this mode you cannot teleport to them, instead you activate them by stepping into them.

/unlink waypoints (or /unlink wp)
Close your portal and convert each end back into two waypoints which you can teleport to as normal.