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MerQ Mission: MerQ Squad is a social Gaming Community that is built solely for our players enjoyment. We strive for communication with our players when planning out our gaming servers such as; mods, server settings, maps, voting/donator rewards, and much much more! We love rewarding everyone that supports us from Subscriber/Donator/Voter Rewards, community give-aways and random freebies/perks to all of our community!

Membership: MerQ is currently divided into 3 main groups – Owner/Admins, Subscribers/Donators, and Voters/Community. Owner/Admins runs the show. They are here to answer questions, help you in-game, and listen to your feedback while keeping an eye on the health of our servers. Subscribers/Donators are players that are able to show their support with either a monthly subscription or one-time donation. All support in this manner goes towards paying and upgrading the servers. Voters/Community are our backbone. Everyone who enjoy the our servers are a part of the MerQ community. Voting for our servers help promote us, where the whole community is able to support eachother with general how-to’s, FAQ’s and building a team!

Communication: Our main mode of communication is through our discord server so pop on in and meet us! -=MerQ Squad=- Discord

MerQ Squad Server Status

These are the current server we are hosting at this time. If you see a server down please contact one of our admin on discord. Thanks for playing on our servers!

7 Days to Die


Download the latest SinMod to play on Worlds End PVE!

SinMod v2.1.3 (A17.1) (78 downloads)

Ark Survival